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ENTERTAINMENT LAW practice encompasses every facet of the entertainment industry and accordingly, the law firm handles matters for clients locally, nationally and internationally in such areas as film, music, television, literary publishing, multimedia, fine arts, copyright and trademark. Below is a sample of the kinds of matters applicable to these concentrations. Services include counsel and advice as well as drafting and negotiation of contracts.

COPYRIGHT TERMINATION SERVICES CORP offers assistance to recording artists and songwriters in terminating their copyrights after 56 years. Contact CTS today if you have an ownership interest in any pre-1978; or post-1978 works as songwriter !


BEWARE of invention submission and promotion companies. They advertise their services as filing for your invention's patent and marketing the product for you. These are generally scams which elicit thousands of dollars from you and provide you with little or no services in return. Always have an attorney review any contract prior to signing. I have represented client claims against both American Inventors Corporation & Invention Submission Corporation. See the United States Patent & Trademark Office website.
BEWARE of JETSPEED Records, TALENT2000 (TALENT2K, T2K), GALAXY RECORDS and COURTLAND TYLER. His record company is a fraudulant operation and his name is an alias. Most of the bands "signed" to him are fictitious or are simply him and his friends. I have represented 4 separate artists nationally against him who either were going to sign or signed with him and lost thousands of dollars to him. He usually never gets artists a finished product.

Be smart. Be wary of companies with no fixed office; or who meet with you everywhere but in their own office. Be wary if you have to front ANY money. Be wary if you are required to buy back your own product!! Be wary when a company requires you to utilize the services of other specific companies they work with. And always seek the advice of a QUALIFIED lawyer BEFORE signing ANY contracts!

  • Production company creation
  • Independent film financing
  • Securities exemptions
  • Budget
  • Key personnel employment contracts (Director, Producer, Writer, Actor)
  • Distribution agreements (theatrical, video, pay & free tv, foreign)
  • Letters of Intent
  • Music synchronization & master use license agreements
  • Screenplay options
  • Acquisition of literary property
  • Copyright & trademark
  • Releases
  • Guild agreements (SAG, DGA, WGA)
  • Composer agreements
  • Soundtrack agreements
  • E & O insurance
  • Treatment or idea submissions
  • Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreements
  • Copyright
  • Joint ownership of copyright
  • Management <---CLICK FOR MORE INFO !
  • Production company formation
  • Record label company formation
  • Recording artist contracts
  • Production deals
  • Distribution agreements
  • Record deals
  • Sample licensing
  • Work-for-hire agreements
  • Publishing, sub-publishing, co-publishing
  • Demo submissions <---CLICK FOR MORE INFO !
  • Songwriter agreements
  • Group/band agreements
  • Trademark name & logo
  • Venue contracts
  • Publishing agreements
  • Literary option agreements
  • Copyright
  • Writers guild registration
  • Self-publishing
  • Submissions
  • Rights acquisition (life story, etc)
Intellectual Property
  • Copyright Forms
  • Copyright application (forms & registration), NEW FEES 05/01/14!
  • Copyright searches
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark application (forms & registration)
  • Trademark searches
  • Trademark infringement
  • Cease & desist letters
  • Name availability
  • Internet content
  • Domain names

Ms. Davison taught Entertainment Law as an Adjunct Law Professor at the University of Baltimore Law School, originating the course in a Maryland law school. If you are interested in viewing any of these materials, please feel free to visit:

Entertainment Law Course Web Site

As part of the course, Ms. Davison prepared a listing of many important entertainment law related web sites for reference purposes:

Entertainment Law Related Web Sites

And a bibliography of books on the Legal and Business aspects of the Entertainment Industry:

Entertainment Law Bibliography

Information in these pages should not be construed as legal advice and does not in any way constitute an engagement of the Law Firm. The information found on these web pages may not apply to your particular circumstances or matter. If you require particular advice on any given legal issue, you should contact a lawyer directly.


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