University of Baltimore Law School
Tuesdays 5:00-7:40pm
Room 212
LAW 881/SEC 512/Fall 2001

Prof. Diane Leigh Davison, Esquire
1517 Reisterstown Road, Suite 101
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
(W) 410-486-0900 / (F) 410-486-0901


  • INTRO TO ENTERTAINMENT LAW: What is Entertainment Law? Entertainment Law resources. How to practice LAW. Who is the client?

  • BUSINESS ENTITIES: Corporations (especially close corporations) and corporate formation; Limited Liability Companies (LLC); and Partnerships. State Department of Assessment & Taxation (SDAT). IRS tax status and implications.


  • INTRO TO IP; TRADEMARK: Introduction to and overview of Intellectual Property. Trademark basics, trademark vs. servicemark. Understanding the application process and how to fill out & file trademark application forms.

  • COPYRIGHT: Copyright basics, including joint works; derivative works; infringement; fair use; and public domain. Copyright law statutes: 1909 & 1976 Acts, Berne Convention, Lanham Act, etc. How to fill out & file copyright application forms for all areas of the arts. Search services.

  • CONTRACT ANALYSIS: General overview of contract basics: standard terms and clauses (naming the parties, term, consideration, obligations, photocopy, entire agreement, choice of law, modification, writing signed, indemnification, gender, etc.); "borrow & bastardize." Letter Agreement vs full Contract. Who do you represent? Representing both parties-conflict of interest; mediating the agreement; use of Releases. Non-Disclosure & No-Compete. Bargaining position, trying to be fair.


  • VISUAL ARTS: Moral rights, property rights, work-for-hire doctrine, gallery contracts, consignment/sales contracts, photography, review of copyright, Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (17 U.S.C. Section106(A)).

  • PUBLISHING: Book publishing, small press, magazines, advertising, etc. Screenplays and scripts: Literary Purchase(Acquisition) and Option Agreements. Writer's Guild (WGA).

  • MUSIC: Introduction: publishing (ASCAP & BMI); royalties, copyrighting music. Record company and production deals. Digital sampling. Variations in state laws-New York, California, Tennessee, Maryland. Miscellaneous contracts-Performance, Tour, etc.

  • UNIONS: Guest Speaker-Jane Love, Executive Administrator, AFTRA/SAG.

  • FILM: Financing. Production deals. Studios vs independent film companies. Actor's Employment Contract/Multiple Picture Agreement. Miscellaneous film production issues. Rights of Privacy-Releases for name & likeness, etc.

  • TV & THEATER: Review sample contracts and basic terms & clauses.

  • WRAP-UP: Re-cap basic "philosophy" underlying Entertainment Law. Career possibilities. Question & answer session. Review the Final Paper requirements.


Homework Assignments: 60 points (10 points each x 6)
Final Project: 40 points
Extra Credit: 10 points
Attendance will be kept. It will not be graded in general, but it may raise or lower a final course grade if on the borderline between two grades.

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