Entertainment Law Workshop

The University of Baltimore Law School
Fall Semester, 2001

Prof. Diane Leigh Davison, Esquire

Law Workshop
3 Credits Tuesdays
Room 212

Fulfills an upper-level writing requirement. To fulfill the first upper- level writing requirement, students must also register for and attend an upper-level writing workshop.

Course Description:
A course intended to serve as an introduction to, yet comprehensive practical survey of, entertainment law, covering the analysis, negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts commonly used in the entertainment industry. The nature and formation of different types of business entities will also be covered and basic copyright procedure will be reviewed as well as union and guild agreements including SAG, AFTRA, WGA, Actor's Equity, AFM, etc. Sample contracts will be prepared by the class as part of the course of study. [Limited Enrollment]

All course materials are available in the University of Baltimore bookstore, or via Internet.

Entertainment Law Course Materials on CD-ROM.
Diane Leigh Davison, Esq.
Available direct.

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